More than 300 dead by attack Mogadishu

The death toll caused by 2 bomb attacks Saturday has risen to 300 for sure.

The death toll from a bomb attack Saturday on a busy intersection in the Somali capital Mogadishu and an attack elsewhere in the city has risen to at least three hundred. This reports the head of the ambulance service.

On the orders of the Government are already 160 dead were buried because they are not identified. Some wounded have been transferred to Turkey to be treated. It is the deadliest attacks since militants of al-Shabaab in 2007 the holy war.

"We have confirmed that three hundred people have been killed by the attack. The number of victims will still be up because some people still are missing, "said the head of the ambulance service.

Saturday brought a suicide bomber in the city centre a truck with explosives to blast for a hotel, at a crossing of important streets with government offices, restaurants and kiosks. The huge blow laid entire buildings in ruins and did numerous vehicles in flames. Two hours later a car bomb explosion elsewhere in the capital, in the district of Medina, a havoc to.

The responsibility is not yet claimed, but the authorities assume that al-Shabaab is behind it. The fundamentalists have parts of the country in hands and want a religious State. A force of 22,000 soldiers of the African Union supports the Somali armed forces in the fight against the terrorist movement.

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