Belgian convicted of ' populate Caliphate '

The desire to travel to Syria to have children with a Daesh-Warrior comes down to participation in a terrorist organization.

A woman from Belgium which, in the opinion of the Court in Ghent in 2015 at the age of 18, wanted to "help the Caliphate to populate '' was there Monday for condemned.

The Court explained the woman born in Syria a suspended sentence on. Her lawyer had argued that they were "for love '' went and asked for acquittal, but there not in the judges went with it.

"Romantic love is no safe conduct to commit crimes," said the Court President. "By its readiness to travel to the Caliphate and to marry and to found a family, she had the intention to populate the Caliphate with like-minded people and to grow in force to it that way."

The woman may not leave without permission Belgium over the next five years and will receive psychosocial support to let her deradicaliseren, determined the judges. The police keep an eye on her.