Spanish authorities threaten to close border crossing Melilla

There is a huge increase in unaccompanied minors in Melilla.

There are currently thousands of Moroccan children who have crossed the border between Morocco and Melilla illegally. Faced with this increase in unaccompanied minors the Spanish authorities threaten to take a radical measure: the border.

At a meeting last week, the local authorities in Melilla expressed concern about the growing number of unaccompanied Moroccan children who have entered the enclave illegally over the past few weeks.

Al Ahdath Al Magribia reported today that during the month of september alone, 260 minors Melilla. This figure is all the more worrying since the social centers that are dedicated to this category illegal immigrants are already full and already at least 3000 illegal children. Some of them go to school, others follow training in workshops, but the majority is parked in a centre, a former military fortress, far from the eyes of the media and sometimes humanitarian organizations.

The latter, with the support of various local authorities in Melilla, have just released the opposition parties warned against any ill-treatment or violation of the most fundamental rights of these children without family.

Al Ahdath reported that the Spanish Ambassador in Rabat by the authorities in Melilla were called to speak to the Moroccan authorities to intervene and to take the necessary measures to ensure this "invasion of unaccompanied minors" stop.

The Spanish authorities are threatening to take drastic measures if Morocco not "working" on this point. They suggest even the direct closing the borders. A measure that would be in nobody's interest and the influx of these children, who are not afraid to take risks to reach Melilla, also will not stop it.