23-year-old Moroccan shot dead in Texas

His family is still in disbelief.

The 23-year-old murdered Moroccan, Saber z., moved two years ago to the US after he was selected in the immigration lottery program, told his brother against the news medium.

The brother of Saber Z., originally from Marrakech, indicated that Saber was a young man full of life energy. "We have spoken with each other before he went to 17.00 hours to his work," said his brother. "He said he was going to play football if he had finished work".

He added: "my brother was very good at playing piano and he loved music. We have talked about for videos on Youtube, before we woke up with the news of his death. So far, we find it hard to believe it ".

The brother of the deceased said Saber at a friend was before both boys was shot.

The American ABC13 news website reported on Friday that two men was shot at a traffic light in Fondren and West park, southwest Houston. Local police said the shooting took place around 01:00 hours at night when "a man in a white car drove to the traffic light and someone opened fire on them".

The news website reported that one man was found dead, while another was transported to the hospital. Police said they could not determine if there is a shootout took place or that there is only one shooter was.

While the news source not mentioned the identity of the deceased, the details seem to correspond to what the brother of Saber has told, reports Moroccoworldnews Z..

The brother of the victim reported that the family is contacted by officials of the Moroccan Ministry in charge of Moroccans living abroad. These have indicated they will take the responsibility to repatriate the body of the deceased to his hometown so he can be buried there.