Tichla: a gold mine for Moroccans

Oued Ed-Dahab was by the Spanish settlers not for nothing called Río de Oro.

Tichla is a municipality located in the province of Aousserd Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab in the region. Oued Ed-Dahab was by the Spanish settlers not for nothing the Río de Oro (Spanish for Gold River).

Beginning 2017 started many Sahrawis Tichla in the area to mining gold. The story began in January when a rumor about the presence of gold in Tichla circulated in the region. Many Moroccans who live in the South then went to Tichla, accompanied by gold mining machines that cost between 20,000 and 30,000 dirham.

Le360 reports that when the news spread anyone with a machine gold could go search. Those that managed to find it, then sold it in Dakhla at prices between 350 and 400 dirham per gram.

Those who wait usually find gold on the fall or winter, because it is cooler. Gold rises to the surface and is therefore easier to extract, in contrast to the summer, when the metal is in the depth of the soil hides.

It seems that the local authorities over the past few days have decided to ban the mining of gold in Tichla and to arrest all those there to do.