Moroccan national anthem during action of Maître Gims in Agadir (video)

Maître Gims gave also a personal friend of King Mohammed VI.

Middle during the performance of Maître Gims on the ' Concert of tolerance ' last Saturday in Agadir, the Moroccan national anthem Sung. Maître Gims sang itself not with it, but stood behind the Moroccan flag with one hand on his heart. This was his way to Morocco to express his love for.

Maître Gims said to news medium Lefr360: "the King of Morocco is a friend, someone close to me, someone who has helped me a lot and that has shown me Morocco from a different perspective".

"He showed me that I am very welcome here. We met several times. He calls me often. He is someone I'd like to honor, "he explained.

Gims was already several times photographed in Moroccan clothing. On several occasions he also has pictures of King Mohammed VI shared on social media with the comment "3acha Al Malik" (long live the King).

Maître Gims is a French-Congolese singer, rapper, music producer and composer.

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