Nike opens first store in Morocco

Nike officially opened on 13 October the first Moroccan Nike Store in Casablanca.

The store, located on the Anfa boulevard, became in August already open to the public, but the official opening left.

To the official opening of the shop in Casablanca to celebrate, chose Nike for Momo (from the famous morning program on Hit Radio) to host the event. Hundreds of people have attended the opening, and some of the radio program listeners won a pair of sneakers, reports Moroccoworldnews.

As regards prices, announced Nicolas Vidal, the general manager in North Africa, to: "We're trying as much as possible, the European and the French price. The import tax, however, is high in Morocco. The prices are generally 5 percent to 10 percent higher than in Europe ".

Nike plans to 2018 in at least two new stores to open in Morocco. Vidal said: "In the next 4-5 year we would like to at least 20 stores open in Morocco, which employment in favor of Moroccans will create".