Sahara sand and smoke cause Orange Sun

The sun sets over Netherlands colors including Orange by sand from the Moroccan Sahara.

The sun sets over Orange Netherlands colors Tuesday. The cause is sand from the Sahara to Morocco by a southern flow from this part of Europe. Also non-of the major forest fires in Portugal and Spain, which by the flow to our country is blown,.

According to calculations by back online is there enough desert sand in the air to 277 trucks with 30 tons of sand to fill it. The orange-colored Sun is seen in a gray sky. The veil are clouds that draw across the country. Normally, the sun shines there just through it, know back online. But the mix of these clouds, Sahara sand and non-keeps sun rays and causes a brownish glow on the horizon.

The weather forecast had blue sky, Sun and temperatures up to 21 degrees in prospect. It's not in Tuesday, according to online again.

sahara sand