Martil: arrest of beggar star in the possession of 180,000 dirham

A beggar star who presented themselves as poor and sick is picked up with a large sum of money.

During a routine check in Martil, the police arrested a beggar star who was in possession of 180,000 dirham. The beggar star had this amount of 180,000 dirham to her high hidden.

According to the newspaper Al Akhbar, the 55-year-old beggar star from Sidi Kacem. They begged in the streets of various cities in the North of Morocco together with her husband, they asked for alms and did herself as poor and sick.

According to the same source, there is a police investigation to find out how the beggar can collect star has such a big amount. According to the newspaper, it is very likely that the aforementioned beggar star deals with other illegal activities such as sorcery or rogue Web business.