Ministry gives clarity about alleged ban Amazigh-names

Through a press release let the Department know clearly to denounce the current Imaging.

The past few days there are enough posts published in both domestic and foreign media about the banning of certain Amazigh names. The Moroccan Interior Ministry left here today. In a medium H24Info obtained by the Moroccan press release is read that the cases that have been featured in the media does not have a concern, but that request have been forbidden that are delayed due to the lack of essential documents or that the specific procedure immediate adoption not admitted.

Parents wanting to protect their children with names like Silya, Massine wanted to enroll or Syman would either have been given. The Ministry let us be know the manner of publication and one-sided news coverage of certain media sources to regret. Every year, 600,000 to 750,000 new registrations in the birth register that show that everyone (Amazighen, Arabs or Jews among other things) is free to determine the proper name choice.

The Ministry stressed that, when the procedures to be followed in a proper way and the right documents is required, those cases which have come along recently in the media eventually also go get their approval.

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