IKEA opens three pop-up stores Morocco

New IKEA pop-up stores opened in Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech.

Friday 20 October, the multinational furniture company its first three pop-ups open shops in Morocco. These are located in Casablanca, Tangier and Marrakech. The idea is to build a major infrastructure such as the shop in Zenata, the offer of Ikea closer to its potential customer base.

Through the system of home delivery of orders in all cities of Morocco, IKEA customer's demand outside Casablanca and Rabat all testing. The opening of the pop up shop in Anfa Place also meets the need to be closer to the customers in Casablanca.

IKEA opened its first department store in Zenata, North of Casablanca, in March 2016. The three pop-up IKEA stores are located in the shopping and residential centre of Anfa Place on the Corniche of Casablanca Aïn Diab, the shopping centre Socco Alto in Tangier and Al Mazar at the Centre in Marrakech.

In the pop up shop, you can make a 360 ° virtual tour in a typical IKEA department store. Customers will receive tablets and be advised when making their orders, gives Medias24.

Today, digital technology allows retailers to develop new experiences while shopping. Instead of e-commerce directly via computer or mobile phone, with a pop up shop e-commerce in a larger dimension to it.