Brussels action plan against terrorism in cities

Brussels makes more than 118 million euros additional free to attacks in the public space.

To better protect citizens and cities against terrorist attacks, the European Commission launches an action plan over the next sixteen months. Brussels makes more than 118 million euros additional free to attacks in the public space, such as recently in Barcelona, London and Stockholm.

The money is meant for (police) projects to reduce the city dwellers, to protect travelers and better coordination of aid. Especially physical protection of busy places gets the attention, think of retractable bollards, traffic measures and other "innovative safety solutions". The implementation lies with the Member States.

The Commission takes next month a forum in which police experts share knowledge. By the end of this year, a similar platform for operators of shopping centers, movie theaters and stadiums, for example, was established. Also comes in november an EU network that joint exercises around security risks. Because mayors and other local authorities play a crucial role, from the beginning of next year the Commission will organise meetings on better protection of the public space.

In addition, the Brussels a plan to the EU better to protect against attacks with chemical, biological and nuclear materials. So it is to be much more difficult for terrorists to home explosives together. Also will the EU assist Member States investigations by crashing encrypted communications. Meanwhile, a European "intelligence unit".

The Commission would also like to Exchange personal information that Europol can go with countries in North Africa and the Middle East to fight terrorism and is going to ask for a mandate from the Member States to enter into negotiations with those countries.

"Europeans ask that national Governments and the EU to tackle the risks determined '', says Vice-President Frans TIMMERMANS.

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