Zidane: ' That Ha in the base State has everything to do with his commitment ' (video)

The trainer of ' the Royal ' was very pleased with his young right-back.

Achraf H is currently experiencing a boom at Real Madrid. After coach Zinedine Zidane chose to keep the youth exponent within the selection and not to rent out, the Moroccan international currently a basic seat at the reigning Champions League-champion.

Yesterday if H during his Champions League debut in the side starting immediately. The encounter with Tottenham Hotspur ended unfortunately in a 1-1 draw for the people of Madrid. The individual contribution of the back was commendable, said Zidane. "Am very pleased with the progression of Achraf. You see that he does every game getting better, not so crazy that I put it in the base let start. "

Watch the interview with Zidane on Ha:

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