Five-year sentence for filming gang rape

An Australian who the gang rape of a mentally limited teen has filmed, must be at least five years the cell.

The girl was drunk and stoned and to a bedroom. There she is, barely conscious, more than a quarter of an hour long by five men raped, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

The 26-year-old Australian who now is convicted, filmed the whole with a GoPro camera and encouraged the men. To hear and see how the girl (16) objects and says that she is afraid. The perpetrators seemed to come away with it until they later were caught when they sprayed graffiti on somewhere and the camera was confiscated.

The judge took the blame that he the girl filming the man particularly has not helped, but the camera continued to operate. He is sentenced to 7.5 years of which he must sit out five years.

Three men hear their verdict later this month. A fourth, the fifth, off 5.5 years in prison, with a hefty fine.

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