King Mohammed VI congratulates Audrey Azoulay with election as UNESCO head

The Moroccan-French Azoulay is the French ex-Minister of culture.

King Mohammed VI sent in a congratulatory message to the daughter of his senior advisor André Azoulay "his warmest congratulations and best wishes of success in her new position."

The King stressed that the appointment of Azoulay as Director-General of UNESCO testifies to the "high appreciation that they enjoy under the Member States of this institution" and that he "is convinced that the skills and experiences of Azoulay her most valuable acquisitions are in the mission that awaits her as the head of the organization. "

King Mohammed VI finite his message by saying that "the Kingdom of Morocco, in accordance with its international obligations, principles and will save no effort to the various initiatives of the Organization to pursue the universal values of solidarity, harmony and communion between peoples and cultures. "

The Executive Board of Unesco, the Cultural Organization of the United Nations, made last Friday announced that they have elected a new chef Azoulay. The 195 members of 's approval is pending for the election on 10 november. Unesco world heritage site that is known for the cultural places and traditions are protected.

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