Sufficient evidence to prepare explosives Daesh-terreurcel

The first investigations of the Moroccan BCIJ let the potential danger and the strength of the terreurcel.

The Moroccan security and intelligence service last week delivered excellent work BCIJ, in different cities of the country were members of an extremely dangerous terreurcel rolled up. The group identified with the now greatly weakened Daesh, was fully engaged in making preparations for attacks in their own country.

In a press release of the Ministry of internal affairs were the first results of some studies published. So there is plenty of evidence for the manufacture of explosives by members of the terreurcel. Among other things, chemical powders, liquids, molotov cocktails were made and were mentioned in the statement.

In addition, during the House searches were also weapons found that all were ready for use. To think is to swords, firearms, sufficient ammunition and bomgordels.