Lekjaa: ' case Easton runs ' (video)

The Federal President left opposite beIN Sports know the practices of the Spanish Federation to regret.

Where it last summer to it seemed that we Munir El H fast in the Moroccan national football team would get to see, is that apparent switch now turned into a long-running soap opera. Federal President Faouzi Lekjaa left recently during an in-depth interview with beIN Sports know that one still in progress with the case.

Also, he expressed dissatisfaction with the way the Spaniards. That they have let play, Easton purely to capture him, can not get in to the President. He says not to understand that such a great coach and tied to this kind of practice is willing, purely in order to prevent that the player in question for Morocco can come out

[video = youtube; jt0JhQ_M5F8] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = jt0JhQ_M5F8 & feature = youtu. be [/video]

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