Sindibad Park welcomes two new residents

Goa and Padang are the two newest additions of the Sindibad Park.

From a Zoo on the Canary Islands arrived these two male Asian otters, 3 years old, earlier this month in Casablanca to join the other 150 residents of the Sindibad animal park.

The Asian otter, also called dwarf otter or kleinklauwotter, is smaller and less rare than the European otter.  The Asian otter occurs mainly in South-East Asia, where he in wetlands, swamps, mangroves and creeks. It feeds mainly on aquatic animals and captures this previously with his legs than with his mouth, unlike the other otter species. He can swim well thanks to his webbed feet.

Asian otters live solitary or in groups of about twelve animals. They are playful animals, they spend most of the day playing. If they are playing, they usually are Suns, hunting or swimming. They play in the Sindibad park in an aqua-visdam so that visitors can admire them properly.