Hirak: Nasser Zabihi-process scheduled for October 23

The Court of appeal in Casablanca has established 23 October as the day of the case of Nasser Zabihi and 32 of his comrades.

Nasser Zabihi will appear on 23 October for the judge of the Court of Casablanca. That decision was taken yesterday by the multiple Criminal Chamber of the Court of appeal, said Mohamed Aghennaj, lawyer of the defensive team. 32 other activists on the same day with Zabihi brought.

According to the same source refused the Criminal Division on October 17, a request for provisional release for the Group Manikandan Hirak-prisoners in the prison in Casablanca. This group consists of Mohamed Ahamjik and Erin Louisa, Nabil Lablaq, all three would be on hunger strike for several weeks.Hamad El M, a journalist, was sentenced to one year in prison. His appeal has been postponed until 24 October, reports H24Info.