Tariq Ramadan accused of rape by writer Tanya Mohd Noor

Heavy accusations against Tariq Ramadan.

The writer Tanya Mohd Noor has Friday filed a complaint against Tariq Ramadan for rape and sexual harassment. She had told about this before in a book without when the name of Ramadan.

"I have decided to file a complaint against Tariq Ramadan for what he has done me! This complaint will be filed today! I do not have the same financial resources to pay for lawyers and experts to defend myself, but I go through until the end of this fight, no matter what it costs me! ", she wrote today in a message posted on her ( freely translated). "It's a very difficult decision, but I've decided that it's time to appoint my aggressor, it is Tariq Ramadan", she continues in another post that on the social network.

In her post she gives to that she has broken the silence to encourage other victims to express himself.

"I really hope that other female victims, like me, dare to speak out against these perverse guru who used religion to manipulate women!"

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