Dozens of officers dead in firefight Egypt

Sure thirty Egyptian security agents are killed Friday in a shootout with militants.

That arose during a police raid on their hideout in the desert west of the Nile. According to the Minister of the Interior is also a number of extremists had been killed.

Egypt is plagued by a number of Islamic resistance groups, including a branch of Daesh. Most fighters are active in the Sinai Peninsula. That focus mainly on police and army. In Cairo and other cities are also churches targeted for some time.

On the spot where the police Friday after a tip roundups held, allegedly members of Hasm stayed. That's the movement that since one year attacks on judges and police officers in and around the Egyptian capital claims. Egyptian authorities consider Hasm as the militant branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On the way to the shelter ran a convoy of four Suvs and a car from the Interior Ministry in an ambush. From higher ground, they were fired upon by militants with rocket launchers. Explosives were detonated.