In the picture: how Morocco training for imams abroad develops

Yesterday was King Mohammed VI attended the opening of a brand new resettlement of the Institute.

For the Institute is devoted to the imam training to optimize, this to extremism. This intention was intensified yesterday by opening a new location of the Institute. At this special event was none other than King Mohammed VI present. It is a building of 10,000 square meters which can be used for different purposes. The total investment amounted to 165 million dirham, says the Minister of Religion in front of the Moroccan news agency MAP.

Since opening there are 712 students graduate and become imam (active in France as in several African countries). In addition one could around 300 imams, active abroad, with short courses. Currently there are as many as 778 foreign students enrolled, with a period of training on average 2 to 3 years.

After the attack in Casablanca (ed. 2003, killing 33) and that of Marrakech (ed. 2011, 17 dead) is the consciousness at the Institute become stronger to extremism.

ministry of religion