Laâyoune TV calls Algerian Minister a sodomite and a pimp (video)

These statements follow after the bizarre rulings by the Algerian Minister two days ago.

The Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, did the day before yesterday an inadmissible sneer at Morocco. The Algerian Minister wound no punches and said during his speech not to be impressed by its neighbour. Royal Air Maroc would not only passengers (denoting the smuggling of drugs) and the Moroccan banking in Africa would provide this money laundering drugs money.

To this end, Morocco called back its Ambassador from Algeria yesterday and called the Algerian Ambassador in Morocco on the mat. That there are other comments came was to be expected, so also by Laâyoune TV that the Minister described as a "known sodomite" and a pimp.

The ever-present political tension between the two countries seems to walk still further on.

[video = youtube; 1AJYTnllRB8] time_continue = 45 & v = 1AJYTnllRB8 [/video]