Italy: five members of Moroccan family died as a result of ignited fire

A terrible tragedy in Italy, the fire was ignited by the father.

Five family members died Friday night in a fire in their house in the Italian city of Como in Northern Italy, said the consul general of the Kingdom in Milan, Ball Rihani.

(49) the father of the family, a daughter of 3 years and a son of 11 years died on the spot. Two daughters of 5 and 6 years died the same night in the hospital as a result of the severe burns they had suffered.

Rihani assured that all appointments with the Italian authorities are made for the ongoing investigation and the measures to be taken to the bodies of the victims to repatriate to Morocco.

According to Rihani, who relies on the information provided by the Italian authorities, it was the father of the family, unemployed and suffering from mental health problems, that the apartment on fire. The mother of the family was not at home at that time, they lay in the hospital.