Website officially stops with it after securing Hamid El M (video)

The Arab information website no longer have sufficient financial resources.

The information website the website has closed by the lack of financial resources to ensure their continuity. The site, whose editor in Chief Hamid El M has been sentenced to one year in prison, there is since today stopped doing.

The site had according to journalist Charif Belmostafa suffered from a "ad boycott", whereby they financially in trouble.

Ebrahimi was arrested on July 20 in Al Hoceima i.v.m. a banned demonstration by the Ministry of Interior of the Hirak. He was prosecuted under the Penal Code for "urging citizens to break the law" and "participation in the Organization of a prohibited demonstration". On 12 september he was by the Court of appeal in Al Hoceima sentenced to a year in prison.

[video = youtube; awU6QmV7u5w] v = awU6QmV7u5w [/video]

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