Morocco wants with automotive sector in top 7 in the world

Morocco has ambitious plans for the automotive industry in Morocco.

Morocco's ambition to add over the next few years at the leading countries of the world in the automotive industry, is "fully justified given the resources and strengths that Morocco has to reach this goal," said the Minister of Industry, investment, trade and digital economy, Moulay Hafid Elalamy.

Developing the integration degree of the automotive industry is a priority for Morocco, Elalamy said in an interview with the weekly Challenge.  "The goal is to achieve an integration degree of 65 percent to 80 percent in 2023, which then will be increased," said the Minister.

He added that on the basis of an annual production of 1 million units that are planned for 2020, in combination with an integration degree of 80 percent, Morocco is already positioned as a global hub of the automotive industry thanks to its attractiveness for foreign investors and its integration in the African continent.

This revival of the automotive industry in the Kingdom is due to the strategic vision of the sector, as well as the involvement and commitment of the private sector in order to implement this vision, thus Elalamy.

He goes on to say that cooperation with the private sector is essential to the development of the current automotive industry, which is now characterised by a broader production and diversification of the automotive trade.

The launch of the acceleration plan 2014-2020 (PAI) and the structuring of the economic environment have also contributed to the further growth of the automotive industry, he noted.

Since the launch of PAI are 70 investment projects with 60,000 jobs were created, which 66% of the sector with an export value of over 40 million 60 million dirham dirham in 2014.

The aim is also to different manufacturers, thus Elalamy, noting that the Ministry is in contact with several manufacturers to present the benefits of Morocco.

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