Daesh Rebellion in Philippines ' terminated '

The Philippine military has put an end to the five-month fighting with a rebel group affiliated to Daesh in place Marawi.

The last insurgents were according to a Government spokesman last weekend from the city driven out, but witnesses heard Monday morning (local time) still the sound of automatic rifles. The spokesman confirmed that, but maintained that the Daesh fighters were defeated.

Last week the Group was already a heavy blow when two leaders Isnilon Hapilon were killed in fighting and Maute Omar of the rebels with the army. Monday were the lifeless bodies of 42 members of the Group found in two houses and the local mosque. Among the dead were two women.

The army was harshly criticized because of the slow progress in the reconquest of Marawi. The army also gets a lot of criticism on the ease with which the rebels occupied a part of the town on 23 May.

The Daesh fighters carried out in the southern province of Mindanao for months against the Philippine Government forces. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos displaced by the fighting. There are 813 rebels according to the authorities, 162 soldiers and 47 civilians killed. The Group would have used child soldiers Daesh.