EU: 30 million for aid to Rohingya

The European Union makes 30 million for humanitarian aid for the Rohingya from Myanmar who have fled to Bangladesh.

The last two months are about 600,000 people of this Islamic minority have fled Myanmar because of violence by security forces. There are now a small million Rohingya in the region around the Bengal city Cox's Bazar.

EU Commissioner Christos Stylianides (humanitarian aid) announced the contribution to on a UN donor conference in Geneva. The EU had previously already 21 million. According to the United Nations in the short term, almost 370 million euros. It is expected that the fellow Conference organised by the EU and Kuwait even more commitments. Netherlands contributed 2 million euros earlier this month.

The money is spent on water, food, sanitation, health care and education. Stylianides goes to Bangladesh next week to EU aid projects to visit and to meet Rohingya refugees.

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