Update: situation Abdelhak Nouri unchanged

After all the wrong messages and rumours doing the rounds Ajax decided a new update around their player to communicate.

It is no one failed to notice, both in the Netherlands and abroad, that Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri early July due to heart failure suffered permanent brain damage.

The last update on the medical situation of the 20-year-old youth exponent was July 25. Since that time it remained quiet around the player in question, result is that there are several erroneous information was helped in the world. Because of this, Ajax decided in consultation with family Nouri to publish a new press release.

It reads as follows: the family that Abdelhak currently on a ' normal ' ward of a hospital stay. Its situation is described as stable, with independent heart rate and breathing. The family also let know to keep hope and strength and confidence to take advantage of the faith, but also from the many statements of support. The relatives want to express their thanks for once again in this way and they ask Finally, to continue with the beg prayers for Abdelhak.