Moroccan cities: Berkane

In the series with Moroccan cities today we focus the spotlight on Berkane.

Berkane is a town in northeastern Morocco, not far from the Mediterranean Sea. It is the capital of the province of Berkane, which again is a part of the Oriental region. Berkane in Morocco is known as the capital of the citrus fruit, especially the mandarins and oranges are delicious and good quality and are exported to many countries. The last is also expressed in the form of a statue at the main roundabout of Berkane in the form of an orange.

In addition, there is a lot of work to be found in the agricultural sector, because the ground is very fertile in Berkane. The Agriculture of Berkane is responsible for a large part of the Moroccan national products, in 2004 the city counted 250,715 inhabitants.

Berkane is still a fairly young city, it was not until the period of the French protectorate, the city is founded. The area where Berkane, was originally inhabited by a tribe called Beni Snassen. The Snassen have a history in the area dating back to the 11th century, when they were among the Zenata tribes and were allied to the Meriniden rulers of Morocco. In 1908 they were the first Moroccan tribe who successfully revolted against the French colonial power.

Saidia is also called "the Blue Pearl '. The beach of Saidia is gorgeous, the water is warm and the beach is clean. For the whole family, this is an ideal beach, kinda like keeping an eye on the children. You can enjoy the Sun, soak, swim and operate by a water sports.

This indoor shopping centre is a maze of small boutiques that sell 1001 things. By Moroccan slippers to herbs and clothing, there is something for everyone in this great bustling shopping district. Are you bored with down then there is a second floor where you can gaze out your eyes. Enjoy the delicious fresh orange juice out there for sale.

This is a long street in the middle with benches where you can relax or enjoy the weather. There are countless gold shops that sell jewelry and gold sets all kinds of models. You can also grab a snack in one of the restaurants or ice cream.

Do you like to mix among the locals and want to add the fruit and stuff market visits than is the souk Tahtaha the ideal place. Take a basket and enjoy all kinds of fruits and vegetables where the agricultural city known for. Are you looking for Moroccan goodies, then you have here also enough choice, of Moroccan Pajamas to shoes and bags.

In Berkane lie the beautiful wooded mountains of Beni Snassen. Through a winding road through the Zegzel Gorge you'll pass beautiful small lakes. In the spring there are many types of colored flowers in the berms, it is wonderful to walk through here.

Zegzel is a Valley and a river that flows through an area of 6000 acres in Berkane, it has beautiful caves and forests. On the river Zegzel is La Grotte de Chameau, this cave takes its name from the stalagmites that are naturally over the years developed into the form of a camel. Inside, there is a labyrinth of underground rivers and lakes.

You can eat and enjoy a picnic in Zegzel, you can also make beautiful walks through the Woods and there are rocks and mountains that you can climb.

Tafoughalt is a beautiful scenic area with many forests and plants, if you want to relax, this is the ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle. In the Grotte des Pageons (cave of pigeons) houses a labyrinth of corridors in different levels. The place is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are by this century finds of skeletons and tools done, dating from the old stone age.

The Centre of Tafoughalt is an ideal place to rest or have a picnic there are dozens of restaurants, terraces and cafes close to each other. There is also a swimming pool, playground and souveniermarkt.

The thermal source of Fezouane is located near the road that connects to Ahfir Berkane. The water that can be drunk there is rich in bicarbonates and is often compared with Evian water. In addition to the spring water where Fezouane is famous for it's also a cozy place with restaurants and shops that sell local produce.

Berkane is located in an area with a warm steppe climate. In such areas there is not enough precipitation for tree growth and can find no permanent rivers origin.
The warmest month is August with an average temperature of 26 ° c, but this can also be much warmer. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 12 ° c

Because Berkane near the sea is located, are not extremely hot summers and winters mild. Are you looking for an active vacation than the winter months are ideal. Would you like a Sun, sea and beach holiday? Then the summer months here suitable for.

Berkane does not have an airport or train station, the nearest train station and airport are in Oujda, however, it did a bus network and there are taxis. There are also plenty of opportunities to rent a car.

Morocco has so much beauty and features beautiful spots, more on this next week in the next city!

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