Louardi public hospitals and private clinics under permanent control

The Moroccan Minister of health can no longer to the dysfunction of the hospitals in Morocco.

Faced with the numerous dysfunctions of both public hospitals and private clinics, the Health Minister, El Louardi, Francis decided to regional control Commissions to set up public and private health care institutions to inspect. This is reported today in the Arabic language daily Al Massae and is based on a copy of the decision for that purpose by the Minister of health is taken.

So will these new committees have the mission to all operations that take place in health facilities in each region to inspect it to check and verify, in accordance with the legal provisions. Similarly, these committees are responsible for the registration of all complaints of citizens who use hospitals or clinics, as well as health professionals and members of the Administration that came with these settings work.

According to Al Massae send these regional control Commissions a quarterly progress report to the Inspector General of the Department of health and they can also be charged with a certain monitoring or fact-finding mission.

In this claim reports are all mentioned dysfunctions periodically noted, but in the annual report, which is presented in March, is a general activity report drawn up by the monitoring committees. In the annual report are all opinions and proposals for the correction and improvement of services provided by the health facilities.

To set up monitoring committees by this is the Minister of health intend to have a permanent surveillance on health facilities, public or private, in all regions of the Kingdom, to the right of the citizen to adequate health care.