French Customs makes video of 2.3 tonnes of Moroccan cannabis seizure (video)

The French Customs is with a video come from the drug bust earlier this week.

A few days ago we reported that the French customs authorities last Wednesday about 2.3 tonnes of cannabis resin, originating from Morocco, had seized that was transported on board a truck registered in Morocco.

The French media described the drug bust as one of the most important of the year. "This is the biggest seizure of cannabis that is made by the customs in 2017", also wrote the Prosecutor of Rennes, Nicolas Jacquet, in a statement.

The operation was carried out on a French highway in the Charente-Maritime region (Southwest France). The two Moroccans on board the truck were arrested. The market value of the drugs seized is estimated at 17 million euros.

The French Customs made a video of the drug bust that released today:

[video = youtube; AAaskyGDHoQ] time_continue = 48 & v = AAaskyGDHoQ [/video]

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