' Less-Moroccans process ' against Geert Wilders begins in may

Appeals in the ' less-Moroccans process ' against PVV leader Geert Wilders will probably start on 17 may 2018.

That, the President of the Court of Justice in the Hague said during the first management session, which takes place in the secure Court at Schiphol.

Wilders is Tuesday, which both parties present at the session itself their grievances and objections can create and submit their research requirements. The politician is persecuted, because he let his supporters call on 19 March 2014 that they wanted to "less Moroccans" and that he would go.

Wilders ' lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops wants, among other things, that there is a "sound science" is done to important elements in this "special case". It then goes to the scope of freedom of expression. According to Kahn is a investigation is necessary, because this is an important foundation of democracy and the rule of law.

He disapproved the court verdict in the Hague from december 2016, that according to him, actual miss contains layers. This got the freedom of expression a "legal stab", said the lawyer. But also to other concepts needs further investigation to the case, he finds, referring to treaties and scientists. These include the concepts of discrimination and race and the question of what is a contribution to the public debate.

The public prosecutor's appeal because it is a higher penalty will. But also the Advocate General that Wilders was wrongly acquitted of incitement to hatred. Wilders was only found guilty of group insult and inciting discrimination against Moroccans. He received no penalty imposed.

The Advocate General finds that Wilders ' position as a politician should be precisely strafverhogend. Although the debate should be held firmly to promote democracy "but manifestations of intolerance, we must not tolerate. In the second Room, he can say anything. Outside the room he may hurt, shock and worry, "said the ORDER.