Wilders concerned about impartiality right due to awards ceremony to ' left-wing activist '

Wilders struggles again in all sorts of curves.

PVV leader Geert Wilders has serious concerns and doubts about the neutrality of the President of the Court of Justice, which have now been case in the less-Moroccans ´ ´ process. Wilders has information that the judge, Jeanne Gaaskee, also Chairman of the Gascaria Foundation and in that position as a jury in 2016 has a price assigned to a "left-wing activist" who is using a collective strengthens made for refugees.

Wilder said Tuesday afternoon during the management session, which takes place in the high-security court at Schiphol. In his own words he heard this only in the break, otherwise his attorney raised this before. "I doubt whether you are the person to send me to assess this process", said Wilders. He pointed out that the winner politics is the opposite of his own ideas. The activist was active in the cracking world and organized an anti-Trump-demonstration.

The PVV leader hopes that his information is not true and if that's true, then he wants to that in perspective. It does not, then it would be ' change ' be an option, the step that a judge withdraws itself, on its own initiative. Wilders spoke do not yet have an objection, which means he's the right calls on to resign. There must be another board room then take a decision on.

The management session continues. Gaaskee said that the Court there on the second direction session Thursday on will come back.