Haagse politiemol sentenced to four years in prison

The Hague politiemol Amine a. is Tuesday by the Hague Court sentenced to four years ' imprisonment.

The Hague politiemol Amine a. (28) is by the Hague Court Tuesday sentenced to four years ' imprisonment for violation of his secret and membership of a criminal organization. The Court finds proved that a. information from the police systems about hemp nurseries has resold and is guilty of bribery. He is allowed no public office as an additional punishment for nine years more.

Against a. was by the public prosecutor previously demanded five years cell.

The former Chief agent at the Hague police have that information passed on to his friend in 2016 Y h., according to the verdict. H. took out the nurseries along with others empty, before the police there raided did.

H., against whom four years prison was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, is required. Together they formed a criminal organisation according to the Court. That is not clear who the recipients of the stolen hemp tops were, according to the Court there does not.

In his verdict, the President of the Court that a. "has let itself blatantly bribe" and "more or less under the eyes of his colleagues" police information about hemp farms shared with his henchman h. that happened in a period of approximately four months in 2016, for many telephone contacts between the two suspects. From bled shows the Court calls "clear that both of them very often and very much communicated".

Two co-defendants were sentenced to three or four months for involvement. A fifth suspect was acquitted.

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