Hirak: tensions at Zabihi-process, judge suspends hearing

Tensions ran high at the hearing today on.

The Hirak-detainees who are stuck in the prison were today brought Manikandan-at the Court of appeal in Casablanca. The hearing was suspended after disputes between the defensive team of the detainees and the judge Ali Tarchi, said Hassan Sounni, a member of the defensive team.

According to Alyaoum24 is the hearing raised after a heated argument between the judge and the defense team, in which by the defensive team called for the right of the detainees to appear in court rather than in a cage in the courtroom. The decision of judge Ali Tarchi to the prisoners in the cage to let was followed by slogans that by Nasser Zabihi and the other prisoners were chanted on the spot.

The process of today brings for the first time all together, including Nasser Hirak-inmates in Casablanca Zabihi, Mohamed M, Nabil Ahamjiq and Michael Lablaq.