Mahi persona non grata at FC Groningen, may in the winter road

The marriage between Mimoun Mahi and FC Groningen seems to prosper are going to end up.

It had already there seems but is now officially communicated by FC Groningen: one wishes no longer uses the services of the Moroccan-international. Earlier this weekend, both because of ' unacceptable behavior ' if Ali Idrissi Mahi from the selection. Idrissi should prove themselves at the promises again, Mahi on the other hand, was more heavily punished.

Opposite Football International let Director Hans Nijland know the following about the case: "he may play for a transfer, but he forgot the team interest. For all parties it is best if it comes to a transfer, "said the General Manager.

What exactly is unacceptable behavior in the middle. "There are limits exceeded. Our credibility was at stake. The Group of players also expected of us that we would intervene. Everyone understands that we our club top scorer not just disciplinary punishments. It's a nasty situation and that he is a decent transfer value represents, makes it even more annoying. "

After FC Groningen decided last summer, despite emphatic foreign interest, Mahi Inbox to keep it going downhill within the club. This statement makes the gang now abroad, moreover, possible for the Moroccan (wing).

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