Italy: Moroccan father who fired home had a friend warned

At the tragedy came the Moroccan father and his four children to life.

The Moroccan father, who on the night of Thursday to Friday had fired intentionally his home, had a few hours before the tragedy sent a message via whatsapp to a friend, reports the Italian newspaper II Giornale. At the fire, the father and his four children (3 daughters and 1 son) to life, they were found together on a large bed under blankets and pillows.

He wrote in whatsapp message that he could not more to it all and everything in the fire. The message was not received in time because that person the phone had turned off at night.

It was a local resident who alerted the fire brigade after he saw smoke coming from the House. The family lived only six months in that home.

According to the source the children would no longer go to school and the mother of the family was already included in a mental institution. The father had already sounded the alarm pulled at the social services and last month sent a letter to the local media in which he asked for help.