Berkane: OFPPT teacher succumbs to consequences skull fracture inflicted by pupil

The suspect in question has since been enclosed, there is pressure to examine how this incident has taken place.

A very sad event recently on an establishment of the technical training Institute to OFPPT Berkane, reports the Moroccan Assabah medium. Last Friday got a pupil of those training it to stick with a teacher action. This was followed by the tantrum of the suspect in question, he would have gone to the teacher body with an object what lay within easy reach. The teacher was full when his sleep hit, a result was a skull fracture.

The teacher was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital, once there, he sadly succumbed to his injuries. Of what is now known, based on what Assabah reports, there is still a search for the suspect. This incident has also increased awareness of the need to prevent incidents like this at training institutions in the future, there will be several sit-ins held this week.