Political earthquake in Morocco, King Mohammed VI dismisses 3 current ministers

An earthquake tonight in the political landscape of Morocco, where the King 3 Minister and the Director-General of ONEE offhand dismissed.

King Mohammed VI received this evening at the Royal Palace in Rabat the first president of the Court of Auditors Driss Jettou, the head of the Government Saad Eddine El Othmani, the Interior Minister and the Minister of finance Mohamed Laftit Lakshmi Balmaceda.

Jettou presented to the King the research on the evaluation report of the Al Hoceima-program "Manarat Al Moutawassat". The ministries of Home Affairs and finance had already submitted their own reports, in which they concluded that there were hitches and delays but pre-empted. embezzlement or fraud The King had nevertheless decided the final checks to the Court of Auditors.

The King sacked after the presentation by directly (then Minister of the Interior and current Minister of education), Hamlyn El Ouardi (then and current Minister of health), (former and current Minister of housing), Larbi Benckheikh (former Director-General of OFPPT and current Secretary of State in charge of vocational training) and , Director-General of the national electricity and drinking water authority ONEE.

Tonight presented the report of the Court of Auditors concluded that there were during the previous mandate dysfunctions.

In the light of the said delays have some departments part of their contributions to the Northern Development Agency transferred to dodge their responsibilities.

The programme monitoring Committee met until February 2017 together, 16 months after the signing of the program. It also appears that the local monitoring Committee, chaired by the Governor at that time, the stakeholders could not mobilize or explain.

Different ministries, as well as government institutions, have not complied with their commitments and the delays that they have suffered, are not justified.

The King has decided on the basis of the reports the previously mentioned persons to dismiss and that several other personalities in the future no longer be allowed to perform public functions, because they trust in them was posted have violated. The personalities that no longer be allowed to fulfill its public functions: Lahcen Haddad (former Minister of tourism), Rachid Benmokhtar (former Minister of education), Lahcen Ekkouri (former Minister of youth and sports), Mohamed Amine (House R former Minister of culture) and Hakima El Juergen (former Minister of the environment).

The head of the Government is dedicated to other names for contributing to the King to replace the dismissed officials.

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