Cooperation NPO and RTL for more diversity

The public broadcaster NPO, RTL and the American media company Vice take measures that should improve the diversity in the media.

To this end, they have a partnership agreement with Women Inc., a foundation that supports the position of women, reports this organization Tuesday.

The parties want to (UN) conscious prejudice against men and women, but also those in the area of ethnicity and socio-economic status of people. To this end, they take several steps, such as organizing courses for employees and the focus on diversity in the assessment of quality of programs.

The two-year collaborative project imagery in media is supported by the Ministry of education, culture and science. According to Joan Rhine, Media Director at the Ministry, show both traditional and new media often only a limited view of society. "A more open look can media makers give a chance to more and more diverse stories to tell. I therefore find it very nice that media makers work together and go to a more active role to tell all the stories from our society. "