PVV wants to prevent Minister Gamal

Wilders is to disagree with the designation because of previous ruling Game about ' jihadists '.

PVV leader Geert Wilders wants to prevent Ferdinand Gamal (CDA) is appointed as Minister of Justice and security. Because the ministers of the Cabinet Rutte III Thursday already on the platform must stand that Wednesday still happen.

Wilders is Gamal unsuitable because earlier in his personal blog has written that "you should deprive jihadists not their citizenship. On the contrary, you have to let them come back ". Wilders is Gamal "rather a danger to national security than a Minister of Justice", he says to the ANP.

The PVV leader would therefore Wednesday evening another debate on the report by formateur Mark Rutte. There must also be voted on the appointment of Game.

Or such a debate is brought in is very doubtful, because there must be enough support for in the second Room. The chance is nil that the new coalition supports the request. The attempt by Wilders appears to be the prelude for the questions that Game soon as a Minister later can expect from the largest opposition party.

Wilders says that earlier statements by Game about the PVV leader no reason to want to ward off the Christian Democratic Appeal politician. It comes Wilders said it only to the view of Game to jihadists not their nationality. In his blog wrote the proposed Minister that he wants them to come back so they account.

Gamal said Monday about his previous statements that he has as a member of another role than as a private person and that everyone should know his private opinions.

Wednesday is the so-called constituent consideration where the tasks in the Cabinet are divided. Thursday is the presentation of the new Cabinet.