Moroccan security and intelligence service BCIJ rips new terreurcel in Fez

This morning, yet another terreurcel affiliated with Daesh dismantled in Fez.

According to a statement from the Interior Ministry arrested the security and intelligence service, led by BCIJ Abdelhak Khiame, four persons who formed terreurcel in Fez.

According to the first elements of the investigation an extremist ideology to the celleden hung and they planned attacks in Fez. At the dismantling of this new cell was an arsenal of weapons, military clothing and various pamphlets calling for a violent jihad.

This new decommissioning comes 11 days after the dismantling of a dangerous terreurcel in the same city. The news medium Jeune Afrique published yesterday that this cell was planning attacks on the public television channel 2 m and the Parliament building and beheading of "symbolic personalities of the regime" wanted to film.