Infamous ' Ferrari-man ' also appeal to 2 years imprisonment sentenced

The Court of appeal in Rabat confirmed Monday the previous conviction of 2 years imprisonment.

Hamza Derham, also known as the "Ferrari guy", dominated social media in april this year after its own filmed videos went viral. He filmed himself initially drunk behind the wheel of his Ferrari. At a second recording how he filmed himself for his wrecked Ferrari, he had a traffic accident caused and laughed the on site police officers come from.

Derham was initially all sentenced to two years in prison, the Court of appeal has now confirmed this punishment. Of the 2 years in prison are 16 months probation, whereby he actually 8 months humming.

His brother and fellow passenger were sentenced to 2 years in prison, including 18 months conditionally, for complicity.

Two police officers who were on the scene were also condemned. One of them got 1 year imprisonment imposed for "Eclipse of confiscated property". The other got 8 months imprisonment and 5000 dirham fine for "change of the State of the crime scene".