Morocco-EU: progression in the adjustments of the free trade agreement

The free trade agreement was annulled in december 2016 m.b.t. agricultural products.

The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation had a meeting Monday in Brussels with Nasser Bourita EU buitenlandchef Federica Mogherini. This meeting had, in particular, adjustments to the agricultural agreement between Morocco and the EU.

Both parties gave to "progression" to see in the adjustments of the agreement and expressed their determination to make it as soon as possible to finalize, quoted the Spanish a declaration by the EU.

The European Court of Justice decided in december 2016 the agriculture agreement from 2012. The European Court of Justice declared the agreement void because it is not clear whether the proceeds of raw materials from the Moroccan Sahara benefit the local population.  The Polisario had on that in 2012 a case filed.

Economic relations between the European Union and Morocco are historically strong. The EU sees Morocco as a bridge to Africa and as a major economic market. The relationship is mutual and Europe is also an important market for Morocco.

agriculture agreement