The Government of Madagascar thanks King Mohammed VI for emergency medical care

This emergency medical care was sent a few days ago rushed to Madagascar.

The Government of Madagascar has its warm thanks to King Mohammed VI for the medical emergency aid has been sent to Madagascar, following the longpestepedimie that has hit the country.

"We are pleased with this noble gesture by his Majesty King Mohammed VI to the people of Madagascar", said the Minister of health to the Moroccan news agency Lalatiana Andriamanarivo folder.

"We want to thank His Majesty the King for this fraternal gesture", said the official. He points out that the Royal initiative reflects the excellent historical relations which has always been among the peoples of both countries.

The aid which has been granted by Morocco will help the Government of Madagascar under the best conditions to meet the medical needs of the people, adds the Minister, noting that this help "at the right time" has come to the lung to pestepidemie end.

The controlled medical emergency aid arrived yesterday afternoon at the airport Antananarivo. The emergency aid was transported in three planes of the Royal Air Force and consists of 34 tons of medicines, medical devices and protective equipment that meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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