Province of Al Haouz: wild boar terrorizing school-age children

Wild boars cause for anxiety and school absenteeism in Asni.

A number of 12-year-old students seek to leave their school in Asni, because wild boars (wild boar) attack them on the way to school. The students have a lot of courage to make their trip to school.

The danger is so great that students of the college in Asni, in the province of Al Haouz, there even to think to fail, because the wild boar on their way a permanent threat.

Several local associations have sent a letter to the head of the Government, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of education and finally the Mayor of the commune of Asni.

Le360 that in this letter will indicate that the students from Douar Tinseghrat to 6:00 in the morning already get up to go to school. The students must be 5 km in the dark to their school in Asni and they fear during this route the attacks of wild boars.

By means of this letter to the local associations indicate the seriousness of the matter and insist to due to arrange transport for the pupils, so that pupils can continue to go to school anyway.

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