Britain rejects asylum request Moroccan off homosexual

Abderrahim had initially applied for asylum in the Netherlands.

The British migration service has refused to grant asylum to a Moroccan citizen who in Morocco would have gotten death threats because he is homosexual, reports the British newspaper today.

Abderrahim (25), who is HIV positive, has applied for asylum in May this year after he allegedly was threatened and verbally got death threats because of his sexual orientation. His asylum application was rejected and also in higher job he got 0.

Abderrahim had initially applied for asylum in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) in January, immediately after its arrival from Morocco with a valid Schengen visa. The Dutch authorities have, however, sent him to Britain because he had recently also a British visa was issued and was valid for a longer period of time.

The British migration service said in the rejection letter that his "alleged treatment not to prosecute leads".

In the British newspaper said Abderrahim: "being gay in Morocco is difficult, you can continue and be put in jail". He refuses to return to his country, he also said: "I know who I am now, I understand what the meaning of freedom is, I can walk on the street without looking back. For me is go back to Morocco go back to the darkness-homophobia in Morocco is increasing ".

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