UN Chief Antonio Guterres is visiting Moroccan Blue Helmets (video)

During a visit to the Central African Republic praised Guterres the Moroccan Blue Helmets to their "extraordinary courage".

"I am proud to have my gratitude and the gratitude of the United Nations to be able to express for your work," said Antonio Guterres, which the Central African Republic (CAR) on a visit to mark the United Nations Day, celebrated on 24 October.

The Moroccan Blue Helmets belong to the Royal armed forces (FAR) and are part of the UN's peacekeeping mission '' (MINUSCA).

Guterres visited the Moroccan Blue Helmets on 25 October, on the local base of MINUSCA in the Central African Republic. On this occasion he laid a wreath of flowers in honor of the Moroccan Blue Helmets who were killed earlier by rebels.

"I have had the opportunity to his Majesty, the King of Morocco, to speak and my compassion to the Moroccan population and I would like to do it directly to all colleagues and heroic soldiers who have fallen for the defence of peace", said Guterres. "You are doing extraordinarily courageous work, protect citizens in a situation where you going on peacekeeping done without that there really is peace, and you do it with an absolutely extraordinary sacrifice", he said to the Moroccan blue helmets.

Guterres wants more peacekeepers in the Central African Republic (CAR). He has asked the Security Council last week more troops for the mission Minusca.

"The capacity of our troops in CAR must be increased to protect civilians," said Wednesday in New York. He wants 900 extra troops. According to him, the tension raises throughout the country and there has been more and more violence. "The humanitarian situation is deteriorating," said Guterres.

In the video below is the visit by Guterres to the Moroccan Blue Helmets to see (the video is French-speaking):

[video = youtube; 3TZLx4v17eE] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 39 & v = 3TZLx4v17eE [/video]

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