Spain: dismantling of car trade network that stolen cars sold in Morocco

The international network consisted of Spaniards, Italians and Moroccans.

The Spanish police and the Guardia Civil yesterday announced the dismantling of an international auto trade network in Almeria and Malaga. The luxury cars were stolen in Spain and then sold in Morocco.

According to a police statement was the dismantled network composed of Spanish, Italian and Moroccan nationals. The research that led to this successful operation was started in the beginning of this year.

The police and the Spanish Guardia Civil arrested four men with an Italian nationality, a Spaniard and a Moroccan. They are all accused of crimes including "falsification of documents" and "membership of a criminal gang".

The members of this network faked the documents of the stolen cars before moving on to Morocco to send for the sale.

The research has so far 40 cases of theft of luxury cars worth one million euros recorded, according to the source.

This operation also led to the seizure of 15 cars, some disassembled, as well as a truck. The vehicles were about to go to Morocco to be transported, the news medium Lefr360.

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